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How to Get Listeners for Your Radio Station?

One of the more intriguing and fulfilling aspects of setting-up your web radio station is to watch your base of listeners grow and flourish over time. Gaining popularity is not an easy feat, and attracting listeners to your station will generally take a lot of time and patience. Thus, it is useful to have a few tricks up your sleeves that established stations swear by for their success.

The methods discussed below will address ways in which to safeguard the interest of any current followers, while at the same time welcoming new listeners to your station.

Advertise Your Programme Schedule

It is important to ‘showcase your schedule’ through the use of radio commercials. By planning out your schedule and including specific features and names of radio DJs, as well as which shows are playing and at what time, you’re creating better communication with your listeners.

You should make sure to advertise your schedule using your website platform, emphasising in great detail the specific features of the upcoming days and weeks, so as to ensure that your listeners will be tuning in for any programmes that might pique their interest.

During the mapping out process of your radio automation software, it would be wise to add some jingles promoting present and upcoming shows, including any special guest appearances and novel features.

Have a Guest

Another way to regularly increase the flow of guests to your station is having guest appearances. Guest appearances give you an opportunity to talk and discuss, all the while creating a hub for new listeners who might be followers of the guest. The guest appearances can feature high profile figures or up-and-coming bands from your local area. Such appearances do not require a large budget, but it is important to capture interest in your listeners.

Listener Interactivity

You need to make sure that your station does not end up a one-way, sidetracked conversation, but instead one that puts the listeners at the forefront. By letting your listeners do the talking at intervals, you are safeguarding their loyalty. This can be easily catered to with the use of call-ins, accepting requests for songs, and reading out any SMSs and texts that your listeners send in. This value-factor provides a two-way road, as valued listeners are usually more eager to discuss your station when mingling with others.

Lastly, it is important that you market your station’s brand. Marketing does not only mean you have to fork out money on a large number of posters and leaflets – social media works wonders in this area. Entering your brand into radio station directories as well as Google AdWords will help further promote your brand, no matter how big or small your station is.

When you market your brand, you can engage new listeners and the audience can help to reward your incessant hard work by promoting your station through own social media networks.