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How to Become a Radio Show Host

Love music? Love talking about music? Then put your passion to good use by becoming a radio show host.

The Music Never Stops

Radio show hosts have perhaps one of the most enviable careers. Granted that the work behind the mic can be hard, and you need to be better than good to stand out from the competition; but when you have the energy for doing something you love drive you, all you need to do is tap into it and make it work for you.

Think about it, you can spend an entire segment just playing the music you love, talking about it, and maybe even interviewing your favourite musicians.

Here’s How You Can Get a Crack at Becoming a Radio Show Host

You may think that becoming a radio show host is just about sitting in a studio and talking about music. There is more to it than that.

  1. Do A Course

There are part-time and full-time courses available that will train you in the necessary voice-training skills and programming skills that a radio show host requires. Talking may seem like an easy task, but performing it live without any errors requires some practice.

  1. Do An Internship

One of the best ways to get an inside look into the functioning of a radio station and what a radio show host needs to do, apart from how to get listeners for your radio station, is to become an intern. An internship allows you to explore the different facets of your career up close and personal. You may end up making the right connections and gain an easy entry to hosting your own show.

  1. Do A Demo

Much like a musician records a demo, you too could record a sample of you hosting a radio show. This would give prospective employers a direct understanding of your passion and talents. Better still, upload it on Youtube and maybe it will catch the attention of the local radio station.

Be A Cut Above The Rest

There are hundreds of radio shows and hundreds of radio show hosts. However, there are only a few that come immediately to mind for their unique style and presentation. That needs to be your aim. Create such a strong niche for your show that it pulls more and more listeners towards it.

Here’s how you can be an outstanding radio show host:

  • Curate the right kind of music

Music is your first priority as a radio show host, and you need to get that absolutely spot on. The good news is that you are helped in your endeavour by the team that produces the show.

  • Edgy content

People do tune in to a radio show for the music, but they are also expecting to be entertained when the radio show host comes on air. This is where you can make a strong impression on your listeners with the kind of content you are producing. For instance, your show could talk about an issue that is playing on people’s minds, or bring on an interesting personality that you can interview.